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Working in the park

I have a new EP on the way!

Last fall I spent a month in Quebec City making music. It's been a dream of mine to go on a writing trip like this for a while, so I'm really happy it finally happened. It was a great time and I wrote my favorite Green Ring music to date.

I chose Quebec City for a few reasons:

  • I visited for a couple days a few years ago and loved it. Always thought it would be a cool place for a longer stay.
  • I could drive there in a day... cost effective travel 👍🏻
  • It feels like a bigger trip to Europe or something. French is the main language and it has some amazing old architecture. I don't speak French unfortunately, but the feel of a bigger trip abroad appealed to me.
  • It has beautiful nature nearby.

The goal was to explore and write music in different spots around town. I love the comfort of my little home studio setup, but wanted to see what a change in location might inspire. My studio moved between coffee shops, parks, the top of a mountain, and next to a waterfall. Not all of the songs were keepers, but I really enjoyed the experience of mixing up my environment.

The first song 'Montmorency Falls' will be out very soon... stay tuned!