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A new home for Green Ring

A new home for Green Ring
Dream home?

I gave my website an overhaul!

It hasn't served much of a purpose in the past to be honest. It had links to my music... and that's about it. No one visited, and there really wasn't much reason to. I want to change that, and start sharing a bit more of the story behind my music.

This site is now home base where you can stay up to date with all things Green Ring. Following on social media is no longer a guarantee you'll see my updates or new music. Here, we have a direct line of communication... no middlemen or algorithms deciding what gets through. If you join, you'll get my new releases delivered to your inbox along with other updates (no spam I promise). I'll also be sharing some exclusive content with members - early listens to new music, unreleased demos, etc. Everything will live as posts on here as well where you can comment, share your thoughts, and maybe even connect with other Green Ring fans!

The goal is to provide a place for anyone who might want to go a little deeper than streaming allows. It's still early days and the community is small, but I'm really glad you found yourself here!

As a quick example of how I'd like to use this site, below is an unreleased remix I made a while back for fun. It's of Better Now by ODESZA featuring MARO. They made the stems available as part of the rollout for their album The Last Goodbye. I remember having a blast working on this (I'm a big ODESZA fan), but obviously I can't put it out anywhere... perfect thing to share here 🙂

Join to listen below!

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